The persistence of the Covid-19 pandemic over time, as well as the need to protect the medical operators involved in the transport of highly contagious patients, requires the use of biocontainment devices. After designing the Billy-CAB – high-performance biocontainment system – STEM has been the first company to carry out specific tests […]

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 requires a punctual and rigorous professional sanitization in the workplace. For workplaces and professional vehicles intended for medical and non-medical transport, ozone is an efficient sanitizing agent. The debate about the use of ozone generators is increasingly heated. There is uncertainty, perplexity and fear around […]

trasporto dei pazienti su ambulanze militari

We still know little about patient transport on military ambulance but this is worth further research because of its features and characteristics. A special vehicle for rescue in critical areas is the first requirement to ensure an efficient transport and save patients’ life.
2008 has marked a cornerstone in this context: the L.D 209/2008 introduced in […]

Trasporto bambini prematuri Stem

In the world, 1 infant in 10 is born prematurely, in Italy the Government (in 2019) reports about 32,000 premature babies a year, 7% of the total number of births in our country. Those data are relevant to understand how prematurity is an aspect to consider and at the same time a great challenge for […]

Sistema di biocontenimento per ambulanze Billy-CAB Stem

Stem manufactures the Billy-CAB, a cutting-edge biocontainment system for ambulance transport.
The rising demand for medical equipment to prevent the spread of highly contagious diseases during patient transport has driven Stem Technology to manufacture the first rigid biocontainment system integrated to the stretcher-support.