crash test supporti barella

Emergency vehicles must have specific characteristics: they must be functional, easy to use, equipped with all the devices necessary to best assist the patient. There is one aspect that is not always taken into due consideration: they must scrupulously comply with the safety rules for construction, use and maintenance, have adequate test certification and crash […]

In the early 1970s, the pre-hospital medical care system was very different from how we know it today. Ambulances were little more than “vans” adapted to transport patients suffering from illness or involved in road accidents. Rescue procedures were basic operations performed without the aid of any device and the only equipment available to rescuers were […]

Usi e differenze tra barella, piano e supporto barella

The equipment and devices aimed at the safe patient transport on ambulance must have specific features.Getting to know and distinguish them for the needs they do meet is not easy, at times. Let’s clarify what a stretcher-support, a tray and a stretcher are. What are the differences between the stretcher, tray and stretcher support? The […]