Stretcher support with hydropneumatic suspension for Stryker POWER PRO XT- stretcher with POWER-LOAD system

Technical Information

Maximum capacity

400 kg


2222×638 h199-301 mm

Stretcher support weight

100 kg
Stretcher support weight with stainless steel tray without roller kit and stretcher loading system.

Electromechanical support

12V DC

12V DC
12V DC


5 – 40 A

Certifications & Homologations

UNECE Regulation No.10 -Rev5
EN 1789 – EN1865-5 + Annex B
10g Crash Tested
20g Crash Tested


High performance and reliable self adjusting hydropneumatic suspension (Oil+Nitrogen combined effect) based on patient’s weight, lockable for BLS.


TR : sideways movement lockable in any position (280 mm).

Eliminate the loading effort!

The hydro-pneumatic suspension ensures a perfect balance with maximum comfort for weights up to 400 kg, by eliminating any disorder for patients usually suffering of motion sickness. In case of patients undergoing intensive therapy, it has been found a reduced need for sedation during transport. The rigid position for CPR can be adjusted from 198 to 298 mm from the stretcher support to the floor.

Dedicated version for STRYKER POWER PRO XT stretcher with Power-LOAD SYSTEM, with sideways movement.

Shock absorbtion starting from 0 kg! Ideal for pediatric transport.

Recommended for sensitive, neonatal and polytraumatized patient transport.