Trasporto bambini prematuri Stem

In the world, 1 infant in 10 is born prematurely, in Italy the Government (in 2019) reports about 32,000 premature babies a year, 7% of the total number of births in our country. Those data are relevant to understand how prematurity is an aspect to consider and at the same time a great challenge for neonatology as it requires high-level technological and human solutions. Premature birth is an unpredictable event and besides the closure of several birth centers in Italy, it becomes clear that the difference is made by the rescuers and the equipment at their disposal. You need: expertise, skills and dedicated equipment.
The standard ambulance equipment of is not suitable for incubators, in the case of neonatal transport. This was strongly stated by the ambulance drivers associated with AASI (Association of Italian Rescue Drivers), on the occasion of the world prematurity day (November 17).

The shock-absorbing stretcher-supports

It becomes fundamental to consider premature babies during transport with the highest deal of “delicacy” and “tact”. In this case the vehicle has a role of primary importance: the stretcher-support must ensure the comfort and safety that the vehicle structure and the road conditions cannot ensure to the child, just think of our road conditions, with bumps, holes etc.

We are talking about shock-absorbing stretcher supports, not yet enough known on and on-board rescue vehicles. This type of device contributes to reduce the effects of vibrations and stress due to the uneven ground, making it ideal for delicate transports, such as neonatal and poly-trauma patients.

AASI, two petitions were submitted to the Government

In this context we find two parliamentary petitions submitted by AASI, the Italian Rescue Driver Association, during the World Prematurity Day (November 17). The objective is to make the installation of shock-absorbing stretcher supports for incubator mandatory, providing a safe, efficient and proper neonatal transport.
A step forward towards the solution of an urgent matter which cannot be postponed anymore.

STEN by Stem

In case of a delicate transport, such as the STEN (Neonatal Transport Service), proper ambulance equipment is important and a key aspect. For this reason Stem introduced for the first time in the world in 1988 the shock-absorbing stretcher support capable of absorbing the vibrations produced on the rescue vehicles during transport. A cutting-edge solution, improved over the last 32 years to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety during neonatal transport, with the gratitude of the families of the young patients and healthcare professionals.

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